Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Make Professional, Awesome Ebooks,Kindles, Dvd, Cds, Box Covers

Professional Quality Graphics To Help Sell Your Products And Services Like Crazy!
Do you think your BOOK needs a unique COVER?
Do you know that people form an opinion of a BOOK with the COVER?
According to me a Quality ECOVER is part of a Good Book.
Have you ever paid for graphics for your website to help you sell more product and you received the outrageous bill from the graphic designer after that?
Or even worse, have you ever said to yourself “I can live without an eCover because they are just too expensive?”
That’s a very big mistake!  It’s proven that an eCover can help you sell tons more products.
Whatever your situation, there is a solution to both of the problems mentioned above.

Can I Get Cheap Professional and Awesome Graphics Designs For My Ecovers?

The answer is Absolutely, Positively . . . YES!

First let me introduce myself.
My name is Jay, I am a fully trained Graphic / Web Designer with over 5 years in the industry and to this day it is my absolute passion. I really do great jobs when it comes to designs and trust me you will love your new cover after I have designed it. I offer unlimited concepts and revisions so you can be assured you're not going to be stuck with a design you aren't 100% happy. What I do is that, I work until you are happy. I like to think outside the box and over the years have created thousands of designs which have gone to print and many are used to this very day.

So why pay twice the price for a service you can get for almost free.

I would like you to take a view of some of my beautiful ecovers I created for my clients which there were 100% happy and satisfied with.

  • I will Design a professional UNIQUE Ebook Cover
  • I will Transform your 2D Cover to 3D
  • I will create for you an AMAZING Kindle cover 
  • I will Design an AWESOME Logo for Business
  • I will design a Unique EBOOK or Kindle, dvd, cd cover
  • I  will design an eye catching Collections of all your covers (hardback book, paperback book, boxes, Cds, Dvds, Brochures & Stationary, Binders & Notebooks, Screenshots and many more… 

N.B: One well done eCover can Boost Your Sales by 1400% Or More! People form an opinion of a BOOK with the COVER.

So How Can I Get Pro Quality eCovers Created Without Having To Pay A Huge Amount of Money?

It’s easy, 
You can CLICK  HERE to hire me design an amazing Cover for your books for just 5 Bucks
Yeah just $5.
Click This Link To Place Your Order or you can simply click on any of the IMAGE below.

BONUS - I also offer Helpful bonus to my client. You will receive an attached bonus from me that will increase your sales and your business online. In this Bonus, You will discover Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing.

I believe in 100% customer satisfaction or your Money Back.

Order now and Increase sales and clicks with a beautiful ebook cover for just $5.

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Please feel free to contact me first for a quote on product package or any questions you might have.

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